Our Story

Our story


Family owned and operated, founded on the principle to create a non-toxic chemical free environment for our family and friends. My wife and I were just looking to eliminate chemical based products that are known to cause cancer from our home. The more we researched different household products, we discovered how harmful they can be to our family and pets. We were very surprised at the number of cancer-causing products that were being used, not just personal care products, but household cleaning products as well. Trying to find quality products made with simple ingredients wasn’t very difficult, we just found they were very expensive for such small amounts. We started doing some experimenting in our home lab, our Kitchen. We finally perfected this recipe and started making our Original Pier Organic Lotion with 4 key Organic ingredients.

At first, we were just using it as a daily moisturizer and then things really started to change our perception of what we just made and how every ingredient has it's own unique health benefits. I had really bad cracked heels from going to the beach all summer, so I started applying it to my feet when I wore socks. Well, one weekend my son had a soccer tournament, and prior to leaving for the day I made sure to apply the lotion to my feet before putting my socks and shoes on. When I got home, I noticed the bottom of my socks were really dirty, almost black, so I say to my beautiful wife, “wow I didn’t think the inside of my shoes were that dirty and gross” and we laughed it off. Turns out the awesome Purification Essential Oil blend we used was helping release the toxins from my body as well as heal the cracks. The lotion was not only good and healthy for my skin, but for my internal health and immune system.


We’ve also had a history of Eczema in my family, which my daughter started experiencing, the normal dry irritated areas that are common with Eczema. She started using our lotion on her skin and low and behold, it cleared up within a few days and relieved the itching almost immediately. 

Soon later we started giving it as gifts for different occasions, and to people who had similar problems and also wanted to use an alternative to OTC products. As people ran out of our lotion and saw the awesome benefits from it, our friends and family that we gifted it to, started asking if they could buy more from us. 

Fast forward a few years and now we have 4 amazing products, all based off the same original 4 ingredient formula we started with to make our Original Pier Organic Lotion.